I can’t get censored no matter how hard I try

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Images from Dailychubs on Instagram

I’m done with Instagram. I feel the platform isn’t treating me fairly. No matter how much flesh I expose, the algorithm refuses to notice my plus-size body.

I’ve shown off my inner thighs that stretch-marked their way up to my navel. …


The complete history of Hungary

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Hungary. Why does it even exist?

In the 5th century, a few tribes of wanderlust Hungarians went for a wander across Europe. Several hundred years later they settled, stopped sacrificing children and spoke a language that nobody else on the planet could understand.

A bit later, the Hungarians produced a great footballer, invented the Rubik’s Cube, the Airfix Kit and were the brains behind the mass movement of making people go cross-eyed attempting to see reality (the Magic Eye).


And that’s Hungarian history.

You’re welcome.

Next week, TBI will be looking into the shit history of Belgium and Wales. We’ll be asking the age-old question of why bother speaking a dying language that sounds like your gonads have been dragged through a grater at speed; and their liberal use of fornicating with sheep as a marketing ploy.


The untold story of Reuben Salsa

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Reuben Salsa once duetted with Kanye West at the Hollywood Bowl

Very few men have had a major impact on popular culture the way Reuben Salsa has. Often whispered in corridors of power, the need for extra spice is the gift of Salsa.

Don’t believe me?
Here are three ways Reuben Salsa has influenced the popular culture and the world. All excerpts taken from the forthcoming book “A Spoonful of Spice”.

1. Salsa and Bowie

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Salsa supplied the drugs during Bowie’s Berlin phase

“Dave was having a bad year. I said to him “you needs to get away mate and stop wearing all them dresses.” …


Reuben Salsa

Salsa is a fever dream. A whisper carried over the mountains. He’s an illusion. An idea that sways the masses. Follow 🆃🅷🅴 🅱🅰🅳 🅸🅽🅵🅻🆄🅴🅽🅲🅴

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