How The World Should Change For The Best

A quiet revolution — the new normal

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And just like that, Kiwi’s stay home and do what’s best for the country.

I can’t really argue with that mentality when you see what’s happening in other countries. I feel blessed to be living in New Zealand where the (socialist) Labour government are taking care of people first.

It’s a sense of pride that everybody is pulling together and working as a collective for the greater good. When Jacinda Arden (PM) announced the sudden lockdown, everybody understood what we needed to do. We all knew there would be bumps and details that would need to be ironed out. But we understood the government were doing the best they could under the circumstances.

Looking at the difference in leadership throughout the world, NZ stands in stark contrast compared to the US. The states are left squabbling between parties amidst flying accusations and misinformation. Everybody has a vested interest and very few appear to be driving change for the welfare of the people. Everybody has a point to make and a score to settle.

Then there’s action. As much flak as the Chinese got, it’s proved to be the right method. How we sniggered when they implemented a total shutdown. How we all laughed passing memes to each other when the Chinese authorities enforced the shutdown. Reports playing up the beatings as citizens were pulled and dragged off the streets.

NZ responded quickly.

Around the world, various policies have been played out. The Swedes continue business as usual. Only recently shutting shops. The Dutch are also taking a lax approach to the pandemic. Herd mentality is their thinking. The sacrificial lambs of old age are the victims in a new Dutch world. The Brits tried similar only to be scared when the infection spread across the nation at an alarming rate. Local authorities and business governors began to implement their own advice long before the government decided what was best. Again the US have left the decision making to the locals. Same applied in Australia.

I wasn’t going to write about Covid19. It’s everywhere (yes, bad joke!). I just wanted to reach out. Let the world know we’re safe.

While all around us the world shifts into a new zeitgeist, people remain true to their values. There’ll always be the peddlers of greed but once again it’s community that stands together and rises up.

Our local community have placed teddy bears in the windows for the children to spot when out exercising. We’ve had neighbors drop off milk and leave notes of support and words of encouragement. Offers of board games they’re willing to drop off or help with shopping. We encourage our children to do likewise. We baked bread for our neighbors and delivered fruit from a local orchard. Left spare tins to those who needed it more than us.

There’s a lot of positive we can take in this environment. I saw the same sense of community after the Christchurch quakes and more recently, the shootings from a year ago. I’m proud to call New Zealand my home.

I’d like to say we should all just stop squabbling. Pointing fingers. Downgrading fear. Everybody should be helping. The world needs kindness and good deeds more than ever. I’m even willing to risk my reputation and say we need more love.

The narcissists will fail. The greedy will not inherit the earth. Liberty does come at a cost. It’s time to put aside our differences and reach out in the name of humanity.


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