Never one to be curated, I waited and waited a long long time before it happened. Eventually, i emailed the team at Medium and told them politely why one article should be curated. It worked on the 2nd email.

I’ve since emailed them 5 more occasions. 2 were successful simply because they had been published in their headline publications (the theory being if they were good enough for them…)

My satire has never, ever been curated.

My poetry stands at 1/40

Since getting accepted as a writer in Heat and Better Marketing, those stories have all been curated.

The truth is, I have to write better (more focused) and slightly less sarcastic (with more love for the subject) then I have to do for anything else. They simply take more time to write.

Don’t give up. Just write better. Take a shot at one of the headline publications. Understand what they accept and if curation is your goal, then it should happen with more focus.

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