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The world had changed. Nobody realised back then that the Corona babies would be the last of a generation. As everybody secretly bonked in self-isolation, the virus was making everybody sterile. The future is a childless gift that threatens to wipe out humanity.

Thirty years passed and the hard facts were a global issue. No newborns since Corona pandemic of 2020/2021. It was as if nature had had enough and finally took revenge. Humankind faced extinction. As the world aged, hope began to die. Generations lived who had never heard a baby cry, now longed for children.

That’s when Prince Zym began marketing his service. Children as pets. Orphaned children needing virtual adoption. You could carry them around in your pocket. Collect daily tokens in order to buy them food and keep them alive. Set daily tasks that’ll help your child grow and thrive in the virtual world.

BCV (before corona virus) we used to own Tamagotchi. Pet trinkets kept alive with virtual food and hugs. Zym had taken the same route. Each week, one lucky ‘child’ was plucked from obscurity and awarded a virtual year of growth. Except the market decided they didn’t want their babies to grow. They missed the wailing, the dependency, the suckling and most of all, the familiar ache of motherhood.

Women, whose rights had never been stronger in the entire history of humankind, were now being emasculated. Torn back to the bosom of child rearing as their sterile wombs coughed and spluttered.

There was an anti-movement. The Prince found his idea, selling the souls of children to desperate mothers, caused outrage. What price humanity? Zym didn’t care, he was making good profit. Click on a redhead for extra fun. Stroke the cheek of a blonde for a full blown love-fest. Dress your baby in virtual outfits from a bygone era. 80’s were back in vogue. Punk babies with attitude. Another commodity to be traded and bartered.

There were so many babies.

Eventually the law caught up with Zym. Virtual child trafficking became an illegal activity. Women no longer swooned. The black market kept the price high. The world still needed to hear the cries of baby babble.

Yes. All this is to come.

As I sit here in this tavern gazing back at the past racing to meet my future, the smiling fool that is Zym will have a big impact.

Laugh now my Prince of Fools, the future will soon make a fool of us all.

Edward Anderson Chris Hedges Nanci Arvizu Kristen Hill Christine Graves

Welcome to the Never End Tavern. A fantastical place for all to meet from the gifted mind of Xavier Van Holde. Join us now.

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