Thank you Whitney Drake for taking the time to reply.

I understand what you’re saying and yes, I agree with you that often it can be percieved as racial bias or even subconsciously racist. But what if you flipped the wording round. What if I said Techno music doesn’t require talent…would that then make me racist? Or just somebody who dislikes techno?

No arguments with you when you personalize the attack and single out gender or race. But food and music?

Then there’s cultural appropriation. Would a Mexican chef who loves Italian food and then releases a book on Italian food playing up to the stereotypes of Italians be called a racist? Or is that reserves only to white people and their cultural appropriation?

Again, I agree with what you’re saying but feel there’s so many grey areas that to label people as passively racist is a failure to recognise that bias exists in every social group regardless of race.

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