That’s EXACTLY what it should be about. But how do a handful of curators possibly handle thousands of written articles every day? Is it possible for all the staff of 85 to handle all the content? So there needs to be some kind of filter right? Certain publications carry more weight — like all those sponsored by Medium (because that should be quality writing). So they all get pushed through. How about format? If the writer hasn’t capitalised, then that’s another easy rejection by automation. No image. Reject. No breakout text. Reject. A publication has less than 10 followers. Reject.

Can you see how it stops being about the quality and more about knowing the system. It’s impossible for the curators to check everyone’s work.

What if I’ve been curated 10 times. Then that signals I must do quality…and already you have a picture of the same writers being curated all the time regardless of quality.

If a post has 200 views within 10 minutes? Another possible criteria. How does a person achieve that? Via social media/mailing list/newsletter…

And on and on. 100% agree it should be about the quality, but at this scale, it can’t possibly be. (And finally, quality is subjective…who measures that?)

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