The Ultimate Christmas Wish List

Image screenshot from FunkyChristmasJumpers on Instagram

What do you dream of for this Christmas? What would be on your ultimate Christmas wish list? Have no fear, I’ve ripped off Twitter and compiled this ultimate list of 71 wishes for Christmas.

I admit, I thought a Christmas list from Twitter would be less altruistic, but I admire any man’s commitment to tacos!

  1. Tacos
  2. Trump to go away and take his family with him
  3. A pardon. All the cool kids are asking for pardons this year
  4. End to poverty and hunger in America
  5. Trump & his enablers to be fully prosecuted to deter others like him in the future
  6. Relief for Americans struggling and help for our front line workers — at the hospitals and grocery stores and all other essential workers we often overlook
  7. People to wear masks, listen to the experts, and keep each other safe
  8. People to start talking to each other without threats and obscenities
  9. A peaceful transition of power
  10. Paid vacations and bonuses for health care workers
  11. To hug my mom
  12. The COVID pandemic to be over
  13. The unemployed to work again
  14. Small businesses to reopen and recover
  15. To see all my friends and family and acquaintances again
  16. A government I could trust and a country I could feel safe in
  17. Children in cages to be reunited
  18. To be able to go grocery shopping without putting stuff back
  19. My puppy dog back
  20. No more people sleeping on the streets of America
  21. No more families struggling and working multiple jobs to provide for their families
  22. No more greedy corporate America
  23. No more lying to the American people
  24. To play my favorite songs on repeat without judgment
  25. People to wear masks and stay home until the vaccines start to be distributed
  26. Congress to pass a stimulus package that puts $$$ in peoples’ pockets so they can buy necessities and pay their rents
  27. Republicans to be honest and ethical
  28. A clean planet
  29. Democracy back
  30. A comfortable uplift non-hideous bra in my actual band/cup size that doesn’t cost $75+
  31. For Black lives to matter
  32. Abolition of the prison system
  33. To have people and politicians wake up from the cult and denounce the inciting coup
  34. To see my parents at Christmas
  35. Marijuana to be legalized because I’m really tired of my depression
  36. To go to a movie theatre with lazy boy style lounger seats, popcorn & a blanket
  37. For 74 million people who voted for Trump to recheck their morals and values
  38. German Chocolate Cake
  39. My old bar job back
  40. A cure for cancer
  41. Trump in a neon orange jumpsuit
  42. To be able to go out and enjoy a movie, bowling, amusement parks and dinners out
  43. Breonna Taylor’s killers to be arrested and charged
  44. A Government that actually works for the people
  45. This Nightmare To Come To An End
  46. A good night’s sleep
  47. This fucking year to be over
  48. To not constantly feel like the other shoe is about to fall into an abyss
  49. Show the world that America is back from the chaos
  50. The last 4 years back
  51. Spring
  52. Butt stuff with Dua Lipa
  53. School back in the classroom in California
  54. World domination and proletariat revolution (Zombie Joe Stalin)
  55. Democrats to get brains
  56. 2 fat bitches, a bag of weed, and 2 bags of chips to give to the fat bitches
  57. To live in a world where children’s letters to Santa don’t make me weep. We shouldn’t live in a country where children are asking Santa for rent money “so mama isn’t so stressed out and we can have a happy Christmas”
  58. Universal Basic Income
  59. Human Decency
  60. A free media without insane biases
  61. Kindness from people
  62. To quit being a bitch
  63. Happiness
  64. Death threats against public servants to stop
  65. To give my baby the 1st Christmas he actually deserves
  66. A job
  67. A hippopotamus
  68. A tree
  69. @realDonaldTrump Twitter account suspended
  70. A concession speech
  71. Another Christmas


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