Well, that was interesting! I’ve gone with 3 pubs due to laziness, but also it’s a comfortable fit. My three are The Bad Influence (my work doesn’t appeal to the masses and this is my spiritual home!), Better Marketing (I have my best returns here and 90% curation. All my articles with BM are made solely with marketing in mind). Resistance Poetry (very little views but I love and support all that they do and they were early champions for my poetry).

I’ve dabbled with Ascent (lousy views), Haven (initially really good), Heated (I just don’t have enough food stories-but reasonable views), A Few Words (so many rejections!), The Partnered Pen (self-publishing but now there’s so many articles I feel I’m getting lost and no traction…much like Ascent) and a travelling pub (again, lack of stories and time).

But yes to 3!!! It makes it easier for people to find you too! (regulars)

DON’T FOLLOW ME. Send help to thebadinfluencenation@gmail.com

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