Wow. There’s a lot of flaws in this piece. Comparing selling drugs to trying to cross a border is quite a stretch. Sure, there must be some single moms out there selling drugs…but every dealer? The case of people trying to have a better life by attempting to cross the border shouldn’t be a comparison. Yes, they’re both criminal activities, but these are parents wanting to give their children a better life…every single case. Can the same be said about the dealer?

And then the argument of throwing everyone in prison and subject to what the prison system has to offer. Do they need to be sent to prison? The people aren’t hardcore criminals with a life of crime behind them before they attempted a border crossing. These aren’t gang members or drug mules. These are ordinary people. Families. Why should they be thrown into jail?

I agree the media coverage is more vocal but that still doesn’t make it right. Children (of a certain age) should not be split from their parents and the government can certainly have facilities that ensures this doesn’t happen.


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